My people perish for lack of knowledge.

When society views criminals we look at their backgrounds, living conditions, schooling, jobs and other external influences.
We blame their access to deadly weapons – in the U.S. guns, in Great Britain, knives.and so the list continues.

Often we learn that perpretrators had once been upstanding citizens. Oftentimes criminals come right from religious institutions. What changed them? No doubt associates make a difference. But, do we ever consider their health, their drug intake, the condition of their bloodstream which nourishes the entire body including the brain? .

Here are a couple of eye-openers – a video showing the negative results of drug intake. Warning: Graphic!

Better yet, here’s a Harvard Medical Study on the subject which admits the propensity towards suicide is increased:

What we need to examine is how to prevent such a state of depression from ever occuring to necessitate being prescribed drugs. It brings to mind a statement by The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, “Let Food Be Your Medicine.”

The bloodstream is most incfluenced by the fuel which the body consumes – mostly its food. I assert that a basic blood chemistry will avert diseases of any type. My book, The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes,
is often #1 in Health & Wellness on Authors Den. The recipes are simple, natural, and use the most nutritious food on the planet.

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