Life is filled with exhilarating moments and most people often take that fact for granted to the point where they don’t know what to do when heartbreaking hardships happen. Bad things happen when people least expect them, and it’s easy for us to fall into an abyss of despair when they occur. However, we should not completely lose ourselves to misery because we have the capacity to weather any storm. Finding our personal strength is easy enough when we seek spiritual guidance.

Through the guiding force of God, people can gather the courage to face the trials and tribulations that they might face at any moment. Here are some of the helpful guidelines that you can apply in life whenever the going gets tough and you need that divine boost of strength and confidence to get through your troubles.


Accepting the facts of life

People should accept the fact that life isn’t all sunshine and roses all of the time. Having this kind of overly optimistic perspective will only lead them to experience crushing frustrations because their expectations aren’t entirely grounded in reality. Individuals should strive to learn from their trials rather than outright avoiding them because God never gives free passes to his devoted followers. We become stronger versions of ourselves once we gain the capacity to apply perseverance and faith.


Count your blessings

The other important thing that people should remember is that every dark cloud has a silver lining. This common expression is rooted in divine truth because there are many things that people should be thankful for even when they’re down on their luck. For instance, a person who is suffering from an illness can still find something to be grateful for if there are friends and family members who are there to help him or her recover from sickness.


Follow your faith in God

Choosing to believe in the guidance of God will ultimately free you from the shackles of doubt and allow them to see the bigger picture. Keep in mind that He always loves you and that He is always there in your time of need. When you let your feelings get the best of you in times of crisis, you cannot make rational decisions that would help you cope with the hardships that you’re facing. You must place your trust in God that His wisdom and love shall deliver you into the path of emotional recovery.


Read inspirational material

Sometimes, people need a bit of motivation to help them deal with whatever crisis they’re going through, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by reading inspirational material based on God’s teachings. Naturally, the Bible is a great source for receiving holy wisdom and people are strongly encouraged to read it. Apart from the Bible, people can also find inspiring words in Claire Power Murphy’s work entitled “Towards the 144,000” where she talks about how God is a benevolent figure that guides and protects His mortal children from turbulent times. You may purchase a copy of this book by clicking on this link so you can begin your journey to finding your inner spiritual strength.

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