Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law

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At this critical time in earth’s history a return to balance is essential. There now exists a proven path to peace for individuals as well as society.
Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law shows the way!
A careful read of this work by author Claire Power Murphy gives full evidence of the necessity to work towards conforming to moral and natural law and to support other organizations moving in this direction.


1 review for Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law


    Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law is an in-depth look at what is becoming almost completely missing in today’s humanity regarding God’s directives for the peaceful existence of mankind with the Universe after the sin of the biblical first generation separated man from God.
    This book answers the questions of where it is we should be redirecting our paths to, “Declaring the end from the beginning.” Is. 46:10 in order to obtain illumination in respect of Moral and Natural Law choosing to maintain the pure path of Yeshua and His return. The author, Amb. Claire Power Murphy, has been an ardent Christian and a great student of the Bible (the holy book of Christianity) and is USA Humanitarian Ambassador.
    Based on the popularity of the book, credence is being given to Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law for greatly coinciding with this period of time of an abysmal level of lawlessness, sheer wickedness in a world so susceptible to surges in violence, terrorism, unjustified proxy wars, corruption, “man’s scientific interactions with the atmosphere”, food modifications, etc; this book is so much welcoming of a lot of insights drawn from the Christian Holy Book of the Bible. Amb. Claire Power Murphy’s Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law is very compelling and acknowledging humanity’s drift from Natural and Moral Laws and offers following a righteous path in which to achieve eternal life, “… strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few be there that find it.” Matt. 7:14. Of tremendous value is Amb. Claire Power Murphy’s account of how humanity can reconnect with the Genesis Path that the Creator promised mankind through Yeshua after having lost connection.
    Citing more evidence of completeness in the creation of mankind, is the DNA strands being two directly from the Almighty Creator with a third strand added through disobedience. Another of Ms. Murphy’s books, Towards the 144,000!, tells the nutritional effects that a personality acquires directly impacting his/her character via quality. Thus, the higher the food value quantum consumed, the greater the spiritual awakening .
    As biblically outlined, Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law may not have the theological complexities of the revelations of the real time of Yeshua’s return, or the mystical powers of Satan being afflicted upon humanity and its consequences, but rather offers direction illuminating the path to God’s Kingdom, there is something archetypal about Amb. Claire Power Murphy’s unpretentious bravado to speak the truth in these sinisterly apocalyptic times.
    ” God Changes Not. His Laws Are Eternal “.

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